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teachin >> we are following a fire in union city there are nine businesses that are impacted by this fire and a firefighter was injured. >> we will show you what is fueling a another fire. >> both of the bay area baseball teams live to see another day. we will show you why all of the a's fans
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were not happy. >> in let's get a quick check on the forecast with aircraft. >> some light showers are passing through and is starting to wrap a round. slowly but surely the temperatures will start to impact southern california. we have seen spotty showers and some lightning. let's take a there is up for
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four days for the upper bay and i will show you where these numbers are expected to go and afternoon. >> keeping an eye on the bay bridge as we will see most of the trafficking in is picking up. there is an accident and is a motorcycle that is blocking the second line to the left. this can all seoul have injuries. >> what can you tell us will? >> the firefighter received a cut hand from broken glass. he should recover but what is happening is that they took a break for a
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while and that forced to step back because the hot spots are a concern. they used so much water that it looks like a lagoon. you can see that this is covered with water and it started about 1:00 a.m. this morning. it took them more than 90 minutes about a hour and have to consider that the fire was under control. the firefighters believe that by then getting an early headstart there was still smoke coming from that attic and they did not think that it was to bed. once they realiz too bad. we talked about one fire fighter that was injured and it could have been six or more injured or even killed.
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>> we had one firefighter who was injured by glass and we did have a crew member on the roof when it was starting to collapse. they had to leave the roof to avoid falling in. this is an ailing shipbuilding and it is one of the middle businesses and we have to cut it off so it would not spread to o >> you conceive some of the owners of the place and this one guy say that his market went up in flames and that he has owned this market for
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about 30 years. because their roof collapse this is why the fire got a head start. as you look to the left to the right of your spring issue of the roof here but it is all gone and all nine of these businesses are completely destroyed. >> cruiser on the scene for a fire that this and richmond and so are we. as you can see6c see whether or not lighting is the reason that this fire started. >> bay area baseball live at the coliseum. both teams are still alive and they will be playing today. it took extra innings for the giants. a two-out error in the 10th inning gave them the lead. the giants' only had three hits for the night but the redskins still have to lease over them. the oakland a's serve rived elimination from detroit. check out coco
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crisp he was out in center field and he reached all the way over the wall and rob prince fielder of the home run. we will have a live report coming from the coliseum as 6:30 a.m.. everyone that was as the game was not happy because they had game 3 tickets and they were turned away. >> here is a picture of the ticket and the date. see the date is right but the game is wrong. it is for the home
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game 3. i blame both the fan and the coliseum. hopefully there will be a game 3 but in the meantime we still have tickets for that. the bottom line is that if you have a ticket for today make sure your ticket read game 2. if there was confusion car wreccreated vt . this bill goes back to the person who created the ticket.
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>> we will be back with more in a moment. >> the bay bridge is back there where early this morning.
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>> will come back for the bay area news. westbound is already back of beyond a 80 drive. the metering lights have been clamped down. if there is a motorcycle accident that is blocking the left lane. >> a bad day yesterday on
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wall street the earnings season is under the way. we have the alcoa up earnings beating a strong costco earnings. the u.s. warehouse chain is still rising. apple is down almost 10 percent and they are bouncing back. apple is in correction territory so far in the last three weeks. it was atheir
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shares are still up 55%. as many investors stated the they will stay on the sideline as they get a better field. >> other numbers that we are following is gas prices. at the average gallon of gas has dropped by a penny. this is still up by 50¢. $4.66 four california. san jose is a $4.66. it is $3.81 in national. we may see the prices come down slightly and governor brown is asking
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for the winter blin fuel to be issued. it will help a little but not a lot. they do believe that the cost of gas may drop by end of this week. >> is 6:12 a.m. and we will be back. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month.
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last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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chief ch >> this is really bad news. there are two lanes that are blocked due to a motorcycle accident. when i spoke with the chp they stated that they did not believe that there were injuries involved and this is a good thing. there is no movement here and the metering lights have been clamped down and they were activated 15 minutes ahead of schedule. this is on the westbound bay bridge. >> if you want to think about using the san mateo bridge it is still a better ride. it will get heavy if it follows the same path as last month. at the golden some time and it took awhile
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to back up. >> good morning to you george. let's take this out to storm trackers for parry we are saying showers are moving towards the shore line. earlier this morning we had several instances of lightning. if you have pictures of these even as you can always e-mail them to us at kron 4 dot com. in the meantime let's take a look at our temperatures it
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is mid '40's for nafta. future cast for has a story to tell. as we push the clock into the evening hours it will be a whole lot of sixties. as we backtrack and focus on afternoon highs there will be a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be 74 mountain view
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and mid '70s for fairfield and any talk. as we head into the north bay it will be 73 for napa and downtown san francisco will be at 62 degrees. your kron 47 day forecast shows that falk will be in the forecast for the next few days. overall it will be pretty fall like conditions for the next work week. >> in we have an upsee 2005 and 2010 there are no accidents
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or injuries that were reported but the window may not have been greased evenly and the repair is expected to take about 40 minutes per vehicles. >> american airlines is stating that they have suffered because a lot of the customers stopped paying for flights. primarily because they had labor disputes with their pilots and they have ran into a lot
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of problems. people have stated that they cannot be late and they are booking their flies with other carriers. >> in chevron has reported that the crude unit that was damaged is expected to be out of commission for the rest of the year. a pipe leak led to this fire in richmond and this has been cited as one of the reasons the gas prices in california have spiked. we do not know how long these gas prices will stay. >> the city council is request ordered the man to put his hands up and he did not
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comply and they felt threatened and shot the man. he did have a previous criminal record. they say that he was arrested for stealing a car. >> we will take a quick break and we will be back in a moment on our hot spot that is on the bay bridge. we will get the update in a moment. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight.
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welcom fr >> welcome back. there is not enough assistance on scene to get this motorcycle accident removed. this does not look like this is the case. >> at washington and across from the supreme court that will start hearing arguments about a civil rights case. this is a challenge for the
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stated that this man had eight probation violations. they said that he has been lying and that he has used many aliases. >> a new gallup poll out this morning shows mitt romney has a small lead over president obama. romney holds a 49 percent edge. although this poll is still dead even obama has 47%. 51 percent of likelof likely voters and then the buckeye
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state are voting for president obama. in all likelihood this is a dead heat in all high heel. this is after the debate. romney leaves by men and president obama is a head when it comes to women. >> we will have the presidential debate on
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october the 16th in new york on our 24-hour comcast 193. >> 6:27 a.m. and oakland a's lift to play a another day. at home they will play a another elimination game. that would try to do it again today and we do hope that the giants will do the same. we will continue to follow the sports story next. we will1 (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> welcome back to opening bell. theres&p and nasdaq's future is up. coming up as 6:45 a.m. we will have more on apple shares. >> we have a problem at the bay bridge due to a motorcycle accident. the backups is reaching toward
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the macarthur the maze. even that 880 approach is now back up. there is a
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motorcycle accident near the top of the bay area bridge it was just blocking two of the lanes and now we just blocks the left-hand lane. as you see here there is a big jump and it looks as if they just have sped up the metering lights. for release 20 minister so there were lanes blocked and now the traffic is backed plant. e use dry palates are starting some more fires. the difficulty is that there
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is only one way to get in this place and there's only one access point. the water supply can only go head one way and we could not get to the backside of the fire. teachin >> there are stating that they have have progress on the fire but they are expecting a investigator on the scene to determine what started the fires there stating that it could have been started due to lightning or a thunderstorm that happened in that area. at this: they may never know what sparked this blaze. >> you referred to for other businesses. what other businesses are around this a is one large loud with about five different
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businesses and this one is the pallet manufacturing. there are machinery and
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crate yards that have different manufacturing plants. the palace are out and here is a bulldozer in the back trying to clear the path to get to the other metal trays that are on fire. there are three or four areas of this plaza still on fire. >> the other fire that we are following is out aao-t hot l baseman had a two-out error in the 10th inning and gave the giants a go-ahead run. here is the final out
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of the game and the giants win it on the road only three hits all night. the reds still have a to lead over them. game 4 is scheduled at 1:00 p.m. our time. here in the bay area athletics they'll live with a bit when. >> there was a little bit of tickets confusion as well. a little bit of everything. we're about 12 hours away from the first pitch for game no. 4. let's take a look to some of the highlights coco crisp this was the big highlight of the game. he also made a spectacular catch and he
6:37 am
also ticket issues and some people showed up with the wrong tickets and they were turned around. the with the ticket was printed is stated for the third home games of some of them thought it was for the third game of the series and in essence it was for thursday's game. there were confusion but hopefully everything is kind out now. we are expecting much of the same today and it is a win or go home for both of these fe area tings. the bay are will be a lot of traffic around the coliseum but they both live to fight another day. this is the fourth game but it is home game 2. >> 6:37 a.m.. the city's
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board of supervisors failed to short and the share of its back on duty. that did not happen and it was seven to four and it started back in march when samir was suspended due to a misdemeanor. this was due to a fight that he got into with his wife. >> the system worked at it has been torture for me and my family and the people of san francisco but the system worke and as soon a we work were ex sedanwere leaving. i tae
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this very seriously and i do have a job to do. i think the transformation that i hope to demonstrate it as the sheriff and why the people have elected me. >> these are the appointees who've avoide voted to reinstate sheriff. he is back on the
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job as of today and they have to figure out the transition of him going back into office. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge.
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welcome back to the kron for more news will continue to monitor hot spots. the bay bridge has a major problem it is already backed up into the macarthur maze. five times are well over 20 minutes on all the approaches. the 880 approach is jammed. a motorcycle accident still blocked the left hand lane. 580 is backed up toit with just 11 minutes' drive time. for the golden gate bridge for space the problem free to marin county. >> taking a look at the big stories who are following fire crews have contained a big fire district of this morning in union city. broke out at 1:00 a.m. this morning. at 330 had it under control one firefighter was cauut on the back of the hand. share mirkarimi once again in office the board voted that he should keep his job. >> that held his job instead of the official misconduct charges that would have
6:48 am
tossed him from office. mayor mirkarimi was tossed him from office. mayor mirkarimi was suspended. a huge day for for to today after the bay day yesterday with a state like yesterday's. the giants play a game for this afternoon in cincinnati first pitch is that one: 07. in the oakland a's play at home today at 6: 37 tonight. >> a watch on wall street the dow jones industrial average up 110. . the dow city at 13,00438 op evangelist robert black joining us p >> would you think about t's the second-besth apple winner overall. apple have
6:49 am
had a camera issue in the manufacturing issue. it's been a little lack of execution of of of selling into the profits. connaught freaked out about i've got caught--i was called an ice sheet by some viewers yesterday. >> it's been really
6:50 am
frustrating as an apple user. >> which is good about apple they will eventually give ride they also have the ecosystem in place. microsoft announced they will try to be more like apple and future. the ecosystem is what is important for apple not necessarily the execution in
6:51 am
the short term. are the square to be a great long term company. long term it will work out well. here one in any ipo the initial cost covering is letting the public into let everyone out of the company. the stock should find some value by november december january. >> we will take a quick break from the news coverage as get to erica she has a look at the forecast. we did see rain or early this morning at a lot of the sky. >> we did have isolated
6:52 am
thunderstrike off the coast of how moon bay montero just south of san mateo. we are contending with green showers moving away from us. it did see some heavy downpour the san jose area los gatos and saratoga. again we did see some residual showers throughout redwood city and san carlos. it depenhis most political stow south bay area fans. we limit the chances of what whether it into the mix of sun and clouds. future cash rose by 3:00 p.m. sixties
6:53 am
coast side 73 out the heart of the bay. into the evening hours by 8:00 p.m. tinters drop into the 50s and 60s. chilly conditions later on tonight you will certainly need a jacket focusing our attention on your afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood. a 70 south bay 72 sunnyvale. 71 in santa clar 74 fairfield antioch. >> taking a look at the weather 10th still falling below the seasonal average it looks like we will see more conditions transitioning into the weekend. for those of you later on tonight heading to the oakland a's game at 6: 37 against the tigers to purchase and the low 60s increase in cloud cover. the
6:54 am
7 day around the forecastles not much change in the temperatures in the next couple of days until the wee kim wee turn the corner and will see eighties once again. at 6: 53 have to take a quick break the kron for morning news will be right back.
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>> will come back to the kron 4 news finally the accident on the pagbay bridge has been cleared. traffic is backed up all the way to go in gate fields you might as well said the bay bridge back up 480 begins in albany. 3, 2, 1 and lift off your lift off earlier this week of the dragon capsule the first c3 this morning after a two in half a flight to cape canaveral the flight used their robot arm to snag the space vessel. it is called dragon it had a bunch of stuff and side by the california-based company has a billion dollar contract with nasa. groceries, clothes, his experiments and other gear including ice cream. >> coming up on the kron for morning news at 7:00 a.m. we will continue to monitor the
6:58 am
hot spot at the bay bridge for you george will be along with the update in just two minutes and a busy morning for fire crews in union city claimflames breakout in a strip mall. >> both the a's and giants winning.
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there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential in such epic proportion.

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